Tax and customs services


Tax and customs services


Services customs declaration: commodity export goods include ships, containers, retail, with diverse bulk goods such as wood, clothing, fabrics, hanger, interior decoration association, plastic, machine equipment hooks, dangerous goods, automobile …

We understand the laws and practices in native and in many countries, to reduce the trouble and annoyance in the tax and customs declarations, we have comprehensive data system, access quick access makes working with the tax authorities as well as customs quickly and conveniently.

Services our tax declaration makes quick customs clearance facilitation, right to import and export goods codes, help business customers reduce embarrassment and get the right advice in the calculation of the price Members and other costs.

We provide services for customs declaration for import and export shipments to connect to the system of electronic declaration. Cost, reasonable prices, quick service convenience.

Service provider to declare the origin of goods, quarantine, disinfection, quality registration, cargo insurance

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